Thursday, October 8, 2009

Amit Trivedi : The new age music director of bollywood

One or two years back, I saw Abhijit Sawant of Indian Idol fame with a new album "Junoon". I liked the title song too much and especially its composition. At that time I saw the name of Amit Trivedi as a music director but never thought that this name is going to take the place of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy from my favourite list of music directors after Rahman Saheb.

And then came Aamir. A totally hatke movie showing a new face of terrorism. I was very much influenced by its music and especially the sufi composition "ha rahem". I remained at my seat in the auditorium to take a look at the credits for music director. And finally the name came...........Amit Trivedi. A flash in my mind and I memorised the junoon song instantly. Came to home and for few days fetched UTV movies for this song as they were showing full songs of those movies which were under the production of UTV and found the same song once or twice.

Some months passed.......

13th february 2009. I went to see Dev D. Awesome movie. Very much bold in its true sense, and the biggest foundation stone of this movie was its music. Again saw the credits...........Ohh my God!! It was Amit Trivedi again. Immidietly installed all the songs in my cell. One after another for two days continuously. And finally I saluted this gem.

I joined his community on orkut and came to know that one of the songs of the latest release Wake up S!D was composed by Amit. The song is iktaara. His best composition ever. Ohh really rock.....!!!! Rehman Saheb's music gives the best of the music feel and a total uniqueness to the song, be it dil se or chiggy wiggy. But Amit's songs.......I must say that all his songs have soul. A real soothing and mesmorising. Its like someone is touching your heart with music.

He is promising and remember my words..........

He is goin to rule the bollywood very soon.............

I am your big bigg fan Amit, love your music a lot.............


  1. amit trivedi gives different types of genres in "Dev D"........talent has also shown in "aamir" and "Wake up sid" movie......
    thanx to focus him in his blog.....keep it up.

  2. Ohh its really nice to know about amit trivedi.

    in fact i really never know the music director of AAMIR and DEV D.

    thnx for that.

  3. Hii,friends.
    first of all,,,i really like amit trivedi's music..
    but after read this blog i really salute to amit trivedi's and,and,and,and monark trivedi...
    @monark,,,we want to know about other fantastic music director like as amit trivedi..
    second of all,,,i want to say something very secretlly abt amit trivedi's..............
    thanx monark.....u have a good job...

  4. With Amit Trived fitting into your kind of music, I am sure you will also love Vishal Bharadwaj's music. Another multi talented personality who puts in souls in every work of his.

  5. Hey Monark !! Ur nd my story is almost exactly the same ....I heard his songs frm Dev D nd instantly fell in luv ...thn out of curiosity found out abt him ..nt much had been written abt him till thn but i knew he was the guy to watch out for ...nd thn i heard Iktara frm Wake up Sid ..knowing nothing abt the composer thn came 2 knw tht the music was by Shankar Ehsaan Loy but Iktara song was by Amit ..I was ecstatic ...nd my views are the same as urs as shared with my friend few days back...."He's going 2 rule Bollywood" ..nd yeah just in the same fashion as urs this guy has snatched the no. 2 position frm Shankar Ehsaan Loy after A R Rahman frm my list of favourites... Best of Luck 2 him as well as u ..ha ha would u believe ths is the first time I am writing a post 4 sumone... Cheers !!!

  6. He just could be the next Rehman according to me. Loved his work with Aisha too.

  7. Does any one know where he studied
    Wiki is not having sufficient information about him.
    Where did he learn music from