Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Diwali.............

Is it possible to write few good words without any topic or any inspiration?

Why not? If your heart is filled with sheer joy and moments of happiness, you can put anything you want.
Well, I wanna write something about this festival of colors, crackers and commencement of new year.


At least a month before we come to know that this festival is approaching and we start various types of preparations. The procedure begins with making our home neat and clean and buying some real good stuff which can add up the beauty of our home sweet home. May it be painting the walls or buying new furniture or adding some decorative articles, along with it some interior designing begins and our mom proves to be the expert of all these things compare to any certified interior designer in this aspect.

Then comes the preparation of various types of naasta. Visit any random house of a Gujarati family and you'll definitely find faafda/chora-fadi and mathiya over there. These is our culture and our heritage. Along with it we make various kinds of farsaan and sweets. Some famous specialties and varieties can also be seen at times.

Before one week or so people start buying new cloths and merchandises. Latest fashion remains the choice of youngsters and some standard ethnic wear is preferred by elders. Kids have the highest enthusiasm of wearing new clothes. Show off and pricing remains the main issues among people.

Then crackers, nowadays we come across various types of advertisements of eco friendly DIWALI and lots of advises of not lighting crackers to stop environmental pollution and its quite true upto certain extent, but still the real joy of celebration is in lightning all the crackers up and above the sky and making it colorful. Isn't it?

Ohh.........!! I recall my school time when I was asked to write essays on this type of subjects and today I have done the same thing..........but still........

I love this festivals and slowly slowly I have started loving my habit of writing too................


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