Saturday, June 5, 2010

The mind finger connection : 9_not another movie review

Just finished watching 9. I am completely speechless. I think, why the hell I avoided such a superanimated movie for so long while I downloaded it long back. Really stunning. The new era of animation movies have completely taken hollywood in the new realm of film-making. Avatar is path-breaking in this category and rest of others like Up, How to train your dragon and 9.

But I am not going to review this movie as reviewing this movie is doing a potty over any bank of the river and making the water polluted. I really mean it. This movie is like a flowing water of lot of salts, minerals, stones, aquatic lives. This movie is a flow of technology cum creativity.

How the story writer thought of writing each and every scene, each and every dialogue, and then shooting the same as written. I am so influenced with this movie that I can not control myself of appreciating it. But wait……….!!

The thoughts pissing my mind are just at the surface to come-out. They are as usual pinching me so hardly and itching is everywhere on my body. Being an Indian is really a matter of pride but sometimes I really wish of having my share of breathe come from west. Why? The answer lies in the air of west. The air of west is full of creativity. And that is exactly what I need. Creative thoughts result in the creation of movies like 9. In thermodynamics, there are two words. Source and Sink.

The source of creative thoughts is of course west and their movies. And as one can guess with the movies like Housefull and Kites and many more, Bollywood fills the position of Sink. Oh… ain't that bad. Anurag Kashyap and Sriram Raghvan and many more can divert the flow and they are trying at their finest level. But, when one of them when come up with movie like Paanch or No smoking, either it got banned or it has to accept the title of worst movie of the year by our so called film critics.

If I can get a chance, I would definitely like to show my students such a creative work like 9 or movies like fight club or tweleve monkey or memento. But I am helpless. My students and many students of India or let us call the future of India is busy in watching Indian Idol. Their about to become idol is about to sing all blockbuster songs of established singers and judges are about to comment on whether their singing is close to the original work or this replication work is missing something………!!

Ha ha……!! Where the hell is creativity? Individuality? Can't we start some shows where students compete with each other for making some science project or photography competition or short film making or something which can at least take out their imaginations in front.

There is no matter of crying like this and it is pointless. But still when I ask my students about something off topic, they become speechless. Is it their fault? They are busy in mugging up the course contents and in practicing the same sums from the text books as our board papers are 100% from text books. No need for further reading. No need to go beyond the scope of "text books"……….!!

Yahi pe hota hai creativity ka khun………..!! Aur jab mein 9 jaisi movies dekhta hoon to mera khun 9 times khaulta hain………..!!

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