Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The King's Speech : A real difference between a teacher and a tutor.........!!

It somehow did not become possible to watch this movie though it was there in my pc for long time. Finally I managed to watch it with subtitlles as English movies sound quite different than the American movies.

Man is a seeker of knowledge. Sometimes it comes from within but rest of all times it is imparted. Modern day education has changed the very meaning of knowledge and now in the so called educational form what Man receives can not be considered as knowledge.

Knowledge can be of many types. It can have different forms. Someone seeks knowledge of music while someone is asking for knowledge of religion. It's matter of self learning. One has to elevate oneself to the extent of satisfaction and possession. But it comes eventually and not in a few days, weeks, months or neither in some years. It's life-long process.

Actually if we believe, though it's hard to believe the words of Swami Vivekand, he says knowledge is always there within one's self. Nothing is outside, everything is inside. Knowledge can not be gained. It's gifted to each and every soul from the nature. More important is the realization. Teaching is the process of that realization and a teacher is the one who helps the unknown soul to know it.

The King's speech has this philosophy. It's underlying wave is the realization of one's self, realization of the knowledge which is always there. The teacher/doctor (Geoffrey Rush) who is not a teacher/doctor by degree or qualification but so by his qualities and experience helps the King (Colin Firth) to realize his hidden strength through his own ways. Acting by both actors makes this monotonous and heavy story going smooth. The story is woven and directed in very realistic and simple way. The movie is worth watching.

Some thoughts have surrounded my mind. I call myself a teacher but by profession or even by the efforts I put can not justify the label. I only help students get more marks and score high. I don't make them realize their inner strength. Making them ranker or scorer is not what a teacher is meant for. It's a tutor's job.

Considering that I work in private educational field and that's why I can not be a teacher is not one hundred percent correct. Even almost all those (with very few exceptions) who work in a school can not claim to be a teacher. They are also just tutor. Helping students to master over the subject, not over the inner self.

Are we tutors really deserving of the wishes of Teacher's day or Gurupurnima? 

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