Sunday, October 16, 2011

I fear >>> Shouldn't I??_mind finger connection

It's amazing that you can speak right up to my heart. And in this beautiful world, it's everything. Everything one wants from one's counter part. This can be categorized as my mind-finger connection blog archive. After so many days I'm here. As decided, I'm not gonna correct it. Simply allowing my fingers to take control and directly transform the thoughts playing around my mind into words.

Conditions. Why? Isn't it enough that we love? Isn't it enough that we care? When you love someone or let's say try to go close to someone, would you like to check what colour of shirt he is wearing? What deo or perfume he is using? I mean, I don't care. I really don't find these thing important. If I love someone or for that matter like someone, I do because I find myself most comfortable to be with her. At least I can think so. These entire stuff I'm writing here because I don't understand why conditions. Why?

Like someone said, being fearless to handle for longer period of time. Now what's this? Being fearless? Having or not having fear of something is a personal characteristics which can only be judged in some special circumstances. How can a person judge such traits in an hour or two? And even if someone is able to draw some lines between some haves and have-nots. So what? Are you here to buy something? Buying something may include some haves and have-nots. There you can ask that I want this and I don't want that. When you try to know a person or when you meet a person for the very first time, is it a kind of meet in which you can be so choosy?

Having fear of something is not that bad. It's human. Pure human. And I don't understand that how fearless or fearful person respond to you in some circumstance-bound situation? Are these reasons good enough? Don't you think exploring a person more and more reveal you some really quality traits. I know this is 21st century. But so what? A good gentleman's heart is what is more than everything I guess.

Yes I fear. I fear of losing you. I fear of losing my family. I fear of dying one day. I fear of going bankrupt. I fear of not making mark of my excellence in the space of people. But all these fears make me what I am. These fears realize me that I am living. I am human and a normal one. Not a super hero. Don't want to be. Happy with the heart-mind-body-soul I am gifted with. But you know what? I don't fear of accepting challenges. I don't fear of losing money. I don't fear of being lost in the world, And I don't fear of being what I am. I am loving-charming-dear-adorable person. I am the one on whom anyone can trust. You ask me and I try all my possible potential to get you what you want. And that makes me a good gentleman by heart.

Fearing fear is not that makes you fearful. Not accepting that fact does it. Any way, I'm not a salable product having so and so traits and I'm the best one in market and all that. I like you and I want to keep it as simple as it is. When I like you, I want you. When I want you I want you as you are. Not as I want you to be. I don't want to be your mentor or boss. I have feelings for you and that's everything, That's what makes you special and perfect. And I don't want to change you. I don't want any condition. Coz there should be no condition if you really love someone from your heart. This is what I think. Not you. And that makes a difference between us. So you ask for these traits and those qualities and I'll ask for you and more of you. Everyday. Everynight.

May be for lifetime...........

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