Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall in Love and Love in Fall......

How to describe what I feel
How to describe what I feel

Those moments have yet not come
Where I have beats so live

Where I hold you tight
Where I kiss you right

I don't mind leaves falling
I don't mind people walking

Your hand in my hand
Your eyes in my eyes

I hate such uncertainties
Can't believe I have them all

This season or the next
I know you will come

You can see right through my heart
You know all through so

There's gold-leaf hidden somewhere
Having your name on it

From the tree of my heart
That gold leaf is ready to fall

This wait is going to end someday
Moments will take shape one day

Fall takes all the leaves
Fall takes all the worries

Fall is the season where love is a test
You're the judge and I am ready to fall

In a lifetime I've got the chance
Fall in love and love in Fall........ 

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