Monday, October 24, 2011

Sacrifice : Long way to go_Mind Finger Connection

I am back again with the mind finger connection thing. This time it's for sacrifice before you own.

Its weird but true. So many things in the world are like giving away. Not everything that you can own even if you want to. You have to move back. You have to give it to others. To the world. It demands. You have to surrender. Sacrifices have a long list of surrenders. They surrender not because they are timid or incapable. They surrender for some good cause. They surrender for making something or someone happy. They want to see some people happy and that's the reason why they surrender.

We can start with soldiers. In fact they sacrifice all they have only in the hope that their sacrifice won't go in vain. It'll make the country better and inspire a lot out there to follow their legacy. They are real hero. Most often Unsung. Their sacrifices bring peace to the nation. We can sleep well in the night and talk about shitty things all the day long because we know that someone's out there to protect us. They deserve much more than such metallic medals compensating for their invaluable sacrifice. They need to be celebrated more than our film or cricket hero.

Then come the parents. They raise their children by giving up all their pleasures and hobbies in life and dedicating all days and night only towards their children's future. They do everything. Every small and little thing is being taken care of. They never miss it. Especially those parents having only a girl or two as their child. When that girl gets married, she goes in her new world like a free bird leaving the nest forever and parents are watching her going away. This is not a simple kind of sacrifice.

Both of these sacrifices are often considered as a duty rather than sacrifice.

But I'm not here to discuss those sacrifices and others. We can also take into consideration the filmy sacrifices of Mr. Vanraj of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam or Mr. Arjun of Namastey London or Mr. Manu of Tanu weds Manu. All have given sacrifice of their love once but in the end they got their love back as it was considered as true love. But all those things are little filmy. Aren't they?

What sacrifice I wanna talk about is the sacrifice without getting something. Chasing the match, hitting boundaries and sixes and taking the team to winning position and sacrificing the wicket for others and in the end losing the match for no good reason. Sacrifice is a heavy word. I just started realizing this after writing these much about it. And the game changes..........

I have to put an end to this sacrifice thing because after writing these much about it I've started understanding that it's a tough call. If you don't get something of your liking or your choice, it doesn't mean that you are sacrificing. It's a heavy word and deserves the best. Not such situations like I'm in. So I've to put a full stop to this blog and to uproot the wiring of my mind-finger connection before it takes out something weird.

. [A Full Stop]

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