Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Will Hunting : Life and times of Mathematical Fountainhead!

You know what's the biggest problem with all these prodigies, the fountainheads? They're loners! Most often orphans! At a very early age they see so much around their lives that they don't give shit about what they possess! And that, the very attitude of theirs start rocking the boat! And once you start rocking the boat, you are not allowed to be in the boat! That's how our societies deal with such prodigies!

Will Hunting (Matt Damon) is one such gifted soul, a true prodigy who solves any mathematical problem almost instantly! Even those proofs which some Harvard professors are trying to prove for 2 years, he proves while sweeping the floor of the lobby! But the only problem with him is his brain is unpredictable for rest of the things! He dates a girl, hangs around with friends, listens to the psychologists but when it comes to opening a door of his inner world in front of all of these, his defense mechanism ruins everything! He behaves unexpectedly and disturbs the  harmonious space around him!

There's no doubt why Matt Damon and Ben Affleck won the Oscar for best writing and screenplay! And to add to that, Robin Williams won the Oscar for best supporting actor! While watching it, I didn't know that but halfway through it, I was certain for these two categories.

Good Will Hunting is a movie to make you realize some very intricate and unnoticed things about our life. Though it chooses to traverse its path by going through life of Will, somewhere into it, we have moments and dialogues to treasure for our lives too! Sean (Robin Williams) says to Will that it's all with our lives, we always try to find a perfect match. What if we have someone very close in our life who has some imperfections? We try not have someone like that into our life, but such little imperfections, such idiosyncrasies of that loved one are the only good memories we fondle when a loved one is gone forever.

Robin Williams is like an angel! He (and some others like Morgan Freeman and Tom Hanks) smiles and you start feeling comfortable. You are outside the screen and he's inside! He's just an actor and out of all fussy things happening around you, he's not coming out of that screen and solving your problem. But when he smiles, you feel like being home. His matured and intimate smile is an answer to all the problems of life! That's the power of true actors and that's the legacy of their movies!

While watching Good Will Hunting, we treasure the warmth of their acting. Both, Robin Williams and Matt Damon are completely into the characters throughout the movie. I was desperately waiting for the scene where Matt Damon finally breaks into tears and I feel no hurry in telling that it is the best breaking scene ever I've seen so far! Rest of the cast do justify their roles. Score by Danny Elfman is perfect as an ingredient!

This is one of the rare masterpieces, which makes you laugh in the beginning, makes you serious and worried halfway and makes you smile in the climax! 

It felt like 'The Shawshank Redemption' was somewhere around while watching Good Will Hunting!

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