Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Avengers : My experience that marveled !

[After assigning each superhero the job he/she is meant for, Captain America instructs Hulk] 
Steve : Hulk........... Smash !!
And I know what is now coming my way in the form of madness, blood starts flowing fast throughout body, fists are closed, teeth are pressed and I come to the edge of the seat! And when Hulk smashes my mouth opens up and I simply feel pure adrenal !

[Few months back, Hot bite, 22 : 35]
Dhruv : Monarkbhai, did you see the latest trailer of Avengers?
Me : Yes I saw it.... I think Ashtaad put it on our fb group!
Dhruv : We all will watch it together!
Me : Let's see!

Loki : I am a God! I'm not going to be bullied by a.........
And I just started taking his words seriously that he might put his sword over Hulk's chest and Hulk's strength will be compromised and........ but all of a sudden some BoOm! BaNg! BAnG! BOoM! And I'm like..... What was that?? And along with shouting and LOLing on Hulk's response, I witnessed THE best scene of movie!!

[22nd April, 2012, Premises of Galleria Mall, 22 : 15]
Me : When this new multiplex Cinemark is going to be opened?
Security : Next week!
Me : Should we come here to watch Avengers?
Dhruv : We've heard very very positive reviews about it, Let's not miss our chance of watching it in 3D at Cinemax! I'm so much excited to watch it!
Me : Me too!

Steve : Big man, in a suit of armour! Take that way, what are you?
Stark : Ohh.. Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist!
And I laughed, like others who are not in the position to control their laughter, I laughed! What Stark replied, we know that it's mean and arrogant but 100% true! And with that dialogue, Tony Stark, The Iron Man proves that he cares for nobody! All he cares about is his freedom, his strength......

[26th April, 2012, At my home, One day before the movie, 14 : 05]
I fetched all websites for updates, all mobile apps and even tried calling Cinemax for the show timings of Avengers but no response! Inox updated its show timings and they decide to show it in 2D but Cinemax didn't update! Calls, messages and DMs of friends were flooding my mind and I was completely blank out of these!

Steve : Stark, we need a plan of attack!
Stark : I have a plan....... Attack!
And Stark flies off the aircraft to chase Thor who has captured Loki from the aircraft because of his unfinished business with him!
He picks on Thor and the fight begins! When The God of thunder and lightening fights with a genius minded Iron Man, the celluloid experience of this Mega fighting can't be described in words!

[Late evening prior to Avengers day, 19 : 30]
Me : Are you so busy that you can't come even for a cup of coffee?
Dhruv : Ok, 10 p.m. Hot bite!
Me : Cinemax is not showing Avengers! What should we do?
Dhruv : UFO at Inox sucks big time! I'm ready to go anywhere to watch this, but not at Inox!
And my mind goes blank............................

Loki : I have an army!
Stark : We have a Hulk!
And audience laugh off! Through out the movie, Stark with his utter sarcastic and brilliantly funny comments engage us to laugh! And when Loki throws Stark away of his building, Stark shouts...... Deploy.......
Rest of every frame, every second I shout in sheer excitement! This is the magic Avengers have created on my mind!

[One day before Avengers, At Cinemax, 21 : 30]
Me :  Avengers?? Running??
Ticket counter : Yes! 3 shows, 10 : 30 a.m, 04 : 30 pm and 10 : 30 pm. Hindi.
And I started scratching my head......Arrrr We need an evening show! I was about to return back and I heard a voice from behind....
Ticket counter : 07 : 30 pm show is in English.....
Me : What?? you could've said it first man! WOW! Let me make some calls........We are coming tomorrow!

The Avengers is one of the rare movies which deserves more than 5 star rating! Enough of positive reviews have been credited to it along with huge box-office collections! It has anything and everything you need in a super hero movie! Story is just filling the gap like a cement! This movie is meant for watching on a giant screen along with friends or family where you can shout and laugh out! LOUD.......

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