Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TDKR : The Rise and Rise of Christopher Nolan

Here I simply try to answer few questions about TDKR which are asked in this website, in the way I have perceived the movie. I've watched it twice and with English sub titles for the second time! I wanted to watch the movie for much more times but after watching it with subtitles, almost all the missing parts in my mind have been very well cemented! 

Q : Why did Gordon still have his speech about Harvey Dent in his jacket?
A : After finishing the speech, Gordon went directly to that roof to call batman if he could come and then Blake came and informed him about the missing congressman! Then onwards, as per the sincerity of Gordon, he involved himself in the search of that congressman and in doing so he almost forgot to even change his cloths ! This may sound over exaggerated but so is the rubbish question !

Q : Why did ALL of Gotham’s cops go underground to investigate Bane’s plot?
A : Gordon was hospitalized and the deputy commissioner Folley instructed the cops to go in all without looking into longer future. Blake did all the investigations as a detective and found about the explosives in the tunnels and called Foley to take out his men but it was too late! Some 3000 cops were locked into the tunnel because of hasty decision of Foley and not of Gordon! If Gordon would have been at that spot and not at the hospital, he wouldn't have made this mistake! And even though we saw few of the cops managing the crisis along with Blake and Foley!

Q : How did Batman have time to escape the nuclear blast when we saw him in the Bat’s cockpit with 5 seconds to go on the clock?
A : Batman fixed the issue of autopilot and he used that option as soon as he decided the exact direction  and altitude of the BAT and then he switched on  the autopilot mode and jumped off! If Nolan would have shown these scenes just for the sake of our convenience which he is far more capable enough of doing, then the entire discussion wouldn't have started! He likes to play with the mind of his fans! TDKR is not at all for those who like spoon feeding and this is just my imagination of what would have happened but if Nolan has left this upon us to think, why not to think in a positive way?

Q : How did both Batman and Bruce Wayne go missing for so long with nobody connecting them?
A : This question is well answered in the link itself and I also agree with what they have pulled out of this situation so I would like to go with their explanation !

Q : How did Bruce Wayne get from the prison back to Gotham?
A : Well, we all know it's far too easy for a man like Bruce Wayne to reach up to the borders of Gotham! The real question is how he managed to enter the Gotham city?
Well, we very well know that the entire map of Gotham city is well memorized by Batman and since he almost instantly moved anywhere in the Gotham for emergency situations in the past, it's not difficult for him to go the place he wants to go! When he returned, he met Kyle and offered her that Clean slate and also offered her a way out! I figured it out from the subtitles that he used the words like "I will show you the way out" to Kyle! It's his city and he loved his city more than anything! Oh come on, Batman knows hundreds of thousands of ways of entry and exit of Gotham! Silly of those who ask questions like this!

Q : How does John Blake know Bruce Wayne is Batman?
A : When Blake went to meet Bruce Wayne, he told Wayne that he grew up in that orphanage watching Wayne hanging around with girls, roaming around in Lamborghini and doing all those useless and baseless things which an orphan can not do out of the loss of his/her parents! He discovered this fact because he himself was an orphan and he knew  what the loss is of being an orphan! So what Wayne was doing as an orphan was just an alibi for covering up his real task which was figured out by Blake! Rest is he just put the missing pieces in place and discovered the connection between Wayne and Batman! At the time of telling this fact to Wayne, Blake noticed the silence of Bruce and that consolidated his belief!

Q : What happened to The Joker?
A : As Heath ledger died, The entire world knows that no one else can substitute him for the role of Joker! So for me, Joker was in Arkham jail for few years, let's say 3 or 4 and then he died of natural death! If anything would have happened, why not this? If Nolan is unable to bring Heath Ledger back and for the real tribute to this legendary actor, he chose not to even touch the role which was meant to play by him and only him! I haven't read the DC comics of Batman and I don't know what happens to Joker there! But, Nolan managed to retain the integrity of Joker's character by not touching it!

Q : What does Bane’s mask actually do?
A : This question is well answered in the link itself and I also agree with what they have pulled out of this situation so I would like to go with their explanation !


And after all, for the entire length of the movie, which  scene did you find being misfit with the story? If each and every scene is just perfect even after editing such long conclusion, Nolan avoided showing how Batman manages to come back to Gotham city or how he jumped off the Bat or how Bane removed or medicated his mask! Instead, what is shown is much more subtle and worthy of our appreciation.

It's Nolan's genius which is constantly present throughout the movie! Viewing it second time, I realized how many hints he left throughout the movie for one to find out who Miranda Tate actually is! But how intelligently he used every scene to make it the most difficult for everyone to figure it out!

I also felt that, If Batman would have died in the end, the movie would have more lived to its standards but oh my my! The promos used this words, "The Legend ends" and not the Legacy ! And Nolan did exactly what he promised! He ended the legend by killing the Batman but not the one who was underneath! By keeping Bruce Wayne alive, he added more power to his genius!

I feel like writing much more about how I perceive his movies and how effectively he concluded this saga but everything I can conclude writhing only this…. Nolan Is God !!

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