Friday, May 10, 2013

Ruby Sparks : Me :: Calvin : God

What if I am Ruby Sparks and Calvin is God?

After watching Ruby Sparks, this was the first thought came to my mind! We often complain about the state we are usually put in by God! We have a unique kind of way to believe that God chose only us to be in some situation! Then either we make some philosophy of how we can get over with the situation we are in or we start crying and complaining about how cruel God is for placing us in such situation!

God has created us! Agreed? If yes, then the next question arises as a consequence is, How does God look like? What's his religion? Is he unique? Are there many? So many questions and only frustrating answers! Religions try to simplify it but actually making it even worse!

Enter Ruby Sparks! Throughout the movie, we always have that particular feeling that Calvin should stop manipulating Ruby for his own sake! After going along the trajectories of Ruby's life, we start feeling sorry about how she can be manipulated by Calvin almost instantly and she's having no life of her own! How desperately we wish to see her living her own life, be it good or bad! Do we really want Calvin to interfere? Do we really want Calvin to manipulate? Do we really want Calvin to be there every time around to make choices for Ruby?

No! No no no no!!

If after creating Ruby, Calvin should never interfere in her life for any reason, why should God interfere in our life after creating us? If Ruby is Ruby on her own and not by Calvin, Why can't we be ourselves on our own? If manipulation makes Ruby lose her existence, how can we sustain ours if we ask God to manipulate ourselves every time we are in any fix?

Be thankful to God for creating us! But please don’t ask him to write you always! Make your own way! Make your own choices! Do whatever you want to do! It might bring failures or even circumstances big enough to make you cry! Whatever! But please don't ask him to put his hands on that typewriter! By asking him to write you, you are making yourself exactly like that Ruby who barked and who jumped in vein!

We are God's wonderful creation and he's real busy in creating more and more Rubys around! Let him do his work and let us live the life written for us by him!

Ruby Sparks might be a love story or may be more philosophical than what I perceived! But I quite like taking it the way I wrote up above! This movie provides enough life lessons to learn! It also warns us not to write other's lives! We should adapt to live with all Ruby Sparks around rather than writing them for our self pseudo-geniusness!

Cinema offers lot to learn ! So does Ruby Sparks!

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