Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let's try to open it without spilling...............(1)

Just coming from my friend's house. There, we were discussing general issues with his elder brother and he pointed out one very important observation which completely suits with what I have been feeling for so many days in my mind. Let me share it with you.

Have you ever seen your mother at home opening a brand new Oil container (tel no dabbo) by herself without taking your or your father's help? Well, It is very obvious to take others' help in this matter because the design of that container is so odd and especially the mouth that no one can open it without spilling the oil over the floor.

Today so many oil producing companies are there in India and they provide this product in the same typically designed container without any innovative ideas being implemented over it so that even a child can open it without applying much labor. Since long the same design is making our nerves tight and fingers scraped in opening the container.

Why am I discussing this incident and what it has to do with the questions bumping in my minds??

Well, The central idea behind this is to improve the design of this container. Right? But nobody come up with a convenient solution. Why??

The answer is : Lack of creative thinking. From the very childhood of ours we are taught to follow others' footsteps. We are wrongly compared with first and second ranker of the class without noticing our hidden talents. A 10 or 11 year boy or girl is asked to sing a composition so perfectly which Lata or Asha Or Rafi had sung in a fully equipped recording studio with his or her own mood or charm. Nobody ask them to sing something original. Assessment is done on the strict comparison basis only. Individuality meets its death from the childhood. The Pakistani singers promise some innovative creations thanks to the absence of Asha and Lata there. Huh...!!

Indian scientists are least famous and earning nothing compare to Indian film stars and cricketers irrespective of their priceless contribution to the nation. Common man of India is less interested in Science and technology compare to Stock market and sensations.

Why?? I think, behind all these situations and circumstances is our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM. And I reached to this conclusion by experiencing certain very misguiding and confusing things in this system................

I am trying to figure it out one by one.............

[to be continued.........]

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  1. i think our so called THInKERS had done very nice jobby ruining ours as well as future generations.....