Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's try to open it without spill (3)...................

And now, Let's look into those plenty of textbooks. Let's try to find out whether they do a fair justice to what they contain for students.

In one of the books for class VI science, the chapter is about purification of substances, where they have briefly mentioned the methods for purification of various solid and liquid substances using different techniques. Some of they are Sublimation, Distillation, Liquefaction, Chromatography and Electrostatic precipitations. All these methods have been described with principle, method and uses with a labeled diagram. To be specific, I can raise some questions on behalf of the students for this type of explanations...................

1. First thing first. Do the students of class VI really know the exact difference between a pure and an impure substance? Do they know the basic foundations of atom, molecule, element and compound?

2. One of my students asked me a question that "sir, what is a charge?" and I replied that charge is a kind of nature of a sub atomic particle.As we human beings have two main types of nature i.e. good and bad, in the same way the sub atomic particles have two types of charges. One positive and the other negative.
I doubt, how much that student have understood out of this or how else could I have answered this question?
Now if a student of this age is unable to understand what a charge or a sub atomic particle is all about, how would he/she be able to understand Electrostatic precipitation?

3. In the method of Distillation, the diagram shows the Leibeg's condenser. The process of condensation is still very fragile in the minds of students of this age then what is the meaning of showing them these much of apparatus?

Let's take a look in the book of physics of class VII.

1. They have a chapter about sound in which topics like intensity, loudness, pitch and amplitude are explained. Wow. These poor babies don't even  know what motion is all about and how a special type of motion called simple harmonic motion takes place and we demand them to answers to the questions related to amplitudes and frequencies and densities of the medium in which sound as a wave propagates in the form of disturbance !!

2. In chemistry book of class VII, terms like Polymers, polymerization, saponification and some types of medicines like antiseptics and analgesics and antipyretics and antibiotics are explained in a very interesting manner. But, it appears interesting for a person like me as I have a clear foundation of the basics of science but for those little kids all these are yorker and googly balls delivered by Imran Khan or Wasim Akram to the batsman like Munaf Patel or Ashish Nehra !!


We often shout for changing the examination systems but as a teacher teaching both primary and secondary students, I strongly feel that it is very much necessary to change the design and structure of the syllabus and most importantly the unification of the course all over the country, be it a central board or a state board.

Whenever I ask them what they want to be in the future, hardly one out of hundreds raise his/her hand to become a scientist. And its completely fair. I mean, if we offer them such kind of study materials and books which they can't even understand (digesting something is way behind........!!), how can we expect them to show their liking towards science!

Science is the most fascinating and interesting subject one can ever study in his lifetime. But the hatred of students for science is increasing at an alarming rate. In the latest movie 2012, it is shown that one very young and aspirant Indian astrophysicist first predicts the end of the world but simultaneously nobody in the climax come to save him or any Indian from the upcoming devastation. On the other hand China built 3 huge arcs/ships in which rest of the world's presidents take shelter excluding India !!

I don't know how to change this but at least I try the hardest of my potential to help students in understanding the very concepts of science. I have my limitations of which the first and foremost is the course confinement. Being in the profession of tuition class, I can not take the freedom of going off topic to explain some very interesting concepts considering the crucial factor of course completion.

But we will have to do something in favor of our future generation to keep them in the parallels to other countries.

Let's try to open it without spill............


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