Sunday, December 6, 2009

My experiments with blogging_The mind finger connection (Part 1)

The clock is ticking and asking me to sleep. I also intend to do the same but sometimes when your mind and fingers are connected with each other you can not simply go and sleep. You are about to give some real stuff from your mind directly to this blog.

Never ever have tried writing this type of blog in which no topic or point is around and even though you want to write something very honestly. Our thoughts are completely in sync with our surroundings. They come out of mind in accordance with the state of your current mind.

We can't simply wait until a good thought is expelled out of our mind as if such case happens, it happens with a very long duration of time. You are not allowed to look back in the content to see what you have written but when you write these kind of things as a whole you find it so surprising.

I have experienced these kind of writing in my notepad but experiencing it for the very first time in my blog. Thoughts try to be random and no specific point or matter come out of our mind when we try to take it out. It only comes out when nothing is around to keep it in a record. When we start with full supply of arrangements all the thoughts become artificial.

Let me stop here as I am very much tired of writing directly the thoughts coming out of my mind about this post.

Good night.

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